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Woodpeckers: Drilling Holes and Bagging Bugs

Five years in the making, the author and his son, Braden, spent countless hours tracking down and photographing these stunning creatures. This humorous, fast-paced read will make even the laziest reader sit up and drum! (Nonfiction, grades 3-8)

(Available April, 2018)

Hopping Ahead of Climate Change—Snowshoe Hares, Science, and Survival (click to order)

  • Finalist for the American Association Advancement of Science/Subaru/Science Books & Films Prize for Nonfiction Science
  • NSTA-CBC Outstanding Science Trade Books
  • Eureka Nonfiction Award Silver Medal
  • Junior Library Guild Selection
  • Booklist: “Collard does an excellent job of telling the story of the snowshoe hare, while also keeping stewardship and conservation as the core message.”
  • School Library Journal: “Captivating text and a stimulating use of color photographs make this a welcome addition for all environmental collections.”
  • Midwest Book Review: “Impressively well written, organized and presented, “Hopping Ahead of Climate Change” is unreservedly recommended for family, school, and community library Environmental Studies and Wildlife Studies collections and supplemental studies reading lists.”
  • Karen Yingling Reads: “veteran nonfiction science writer Collard gives us fascinating insights into what’s going on with this (extremely adorable) animal.”
  • Winner, High Plains Books Award
  • Finalist, Green Earth Book Award

(Nonfiction, grades 4-12)


Fire Birds—Valuing Natural Wildfires and Burned Forests

  • A Junior Library Guild Selection
  • NSTA-CBC Outstanding Science Trade Books list 2016
  • Green Prize for Sustainable Literature
  • Eureka Nonfiction Award Honor Book
  • Starred Review from School Library Journal
  • Two Stars (Highest Rating) from Science Books & Films
  • Recommended rating by The Bulletin of The Center for Children’s Books
  • Highly Recommended by Children’s Bookwatch, The Midwest Book Review
  • Keystone to Reading 2015-16 List

(Nonfiction, grades 3-8)


Snakes, Alligators, and Broken Hearts: Journeys of a Biologist’s Son

Snakes, Alligators, and Broken Hearts recounts the author’s adventures and experiences growing up as the son of a biologist during the 1960s and 70s. With humor and compassion, the author describes the innocence of his early childhood, the heartbreak of his parents’ divorce, and his rocky journey through adolescence – all against the backdrop of animals, travel, and his poignant relationship with his father. Along the way, readers will discover the experiences that shaped his interests and, eventually, molded him into the author of more than seventy books for young people.

(Nonfiction, grades 4-8)


Dog 4491 (a mystery)

  • Finalist, Green Earth Book Award
  • Finalist, Keystone to Reading Book Award (Pennsylvania)

“Collard stirs gang violence, government corruption, and a civic-highway-versus-parkway struggle into a tale of two boys from different centuries who bond over the same dog. After Sam follows a stray pup with a very old-style telephone number on her collar, he discovers a time gate that leads from his contemporary suburban neighborhood to the same town in 1926—and to a new friend, Rollie. Multiple trips back and forth allow pointed comparisons between Rollie’s then-prosperous community and Sam’s run-down version, and the two friends find a common threat in the town’s Cheesebro clan—a gang of bootleggers in the Prohibition era whose thuggish descendants continue to have local government officials in their pockets. Catering to younger or less able readers, the author frames his tale in short chapters and draws sharp lines between the good guys and the bad, whose comeuppance ties in with an environmentally healthy town solution. Agenda driven? For sure, but also suspenseful and closing with just desserts dealt to all.” —Booklist

(Fiction, mystery, grades 3-6)


Cartwheel—a Sequel to Double Eagle

  • Keystone to Reading List

Two summers after Mike and Kyle uncovered a pair of priceless $20 gold pieces in a Civil War fort in Alabama, Mike is astounded to find Kyle show up on his doorstep in a souped-up 1957 Bel Air. Mike hasn’t heard from his friend in two years, but when Kyle invites him to ride up to Birmingham to see Kyle’s sister Annie, Mike doesn’t hesitate.

What Mike doesn’t realize is that Kyle isn’t going to see his sister. He is going to rescue her. For Kyle and Annie to escape somewhere safe, however, they’re going to need cash and lots of it. When Mike mentions a mysterious silver dollar made in 1964, it launches the trio on a cross-country thrill ride and a new coin quest — a quest that just could save Kyle’s and Annie’s lives.

“The author keeps the suspense level in high gear, entertaining readers while educating them about the Denver Mint and the short-lived existence of the 1964 Peace Dollar…Toss in some geography and a few wry observations about human nature and you have a wonderful story for young readers — one that’s fast-paced and fun for older readers as well.” – Judy Shafter, State of the Arts

(Fiction, mystery-thriller, grades 5-9)


Hangman’s Gold (Slate Stephens Mysteries #2)

“As in the previous title in the Slate Stephens Mysteries series, there is plenty of action to disguise the history lesson and propel the story around quieter moments — such as will Slate ever work up the nerve to kiss Daphne? Slate and Daphne are adept at dispensing justice with their smart, methodical, and slightly cocky approach to detecting. Criminals — you have been warned.”
– Booklist, January 2012

“After recovering a missing pet in The Governor’s Dog Is Missing (Bucking Horse Bks., 2011), Slate Stephens and Daphne McSweeney are back for another hair-raising adventure… Children who like adventure, mystery, or the Old West will enjoy this book.”
– School Library Journal, January 2012

“An excellent read-aloud, it would also do well as a book club selection or exploratory text for a writing/reading circle… an engaging blend of mystery, romance, adventure, and history.”
– Vicki Spandel, Six Trait Gurus

“An insightful and much recommended mystery for younger readers.”
– Children’s Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review

(Fiction, mystery, grades 3-6)

The Governor’s Dog is Missing (Slate Stephens Mysteries #1)

  • Keystone to Reading List
  • Finalist, Triple Crown Award
  • Selected as Montana’s official entry to the National Book Festival

“Unlike the majority of child prodigy sleuths, Slate and Daphne, while intelligent, are also typical kids. The plot moves quickly and readers hitch a ride on Slate’s bike as he explores the city and develops his feeelings for Daphne. Collard neatly braids history, geology, and politics into the investigation, mixing interesting facts and crucial details into the mystery.”
-School Library Journal, June 1st, 2011

“Veteran writer Collard incorporates Montana history and politics, geology, and natural science into this entertaining first installment in the Slate Stephens Mysteries series. Slate is a winning narrator; his wry take on paranormal chicklit is particularly funny and will touch a nerve with boy readers who might be wondering why all the sensible girls they know are so taken with vampires. Short chapters, a good blend of action and introspection, and a hint of romance make this strong mystery a solid choice for boys and girls alike.”
-Booklist, May 1st, 2011

(Fiction, mystery, grades 3-6)


The World’s Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale

“Handsomely designed, with buff pages that resemble pieces of parchment and endpaper maps, this is a fascinating look at a fresh topic.”
-Booklist, November 1st, 2010

“Fantastic action photographs accompany this delightful book about the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale held the third weekend in May in Montana. Carefully researched, Collard’s book explains the history, development, and present day excitement surrounding this annual event.”
-Children’s Literature

(Nonfiction, grades 4-adult)