One of the joys of being an independent publisher is that we can link to whomever we want to – and we don’t even need a reason! How good is that? Speaking of good, here are our favorite links to other innovative, independent publishers, writers, artists, bloggers, and musicians.

Note to our writer friends: Forgive us for not including every author we know on this site, but we’d probably crash our server if we posted a list THAT long! Rest assured we are talking you up at every opportunity!

Independent Publishers

Lion Stone Books has been publishing beautifully designed, very intriguing books for children for many years. We recently read Evan’s Voice, by Sallie Lowenstein, and it totally captivated us with its intriguing, chilling world.

Nonfiction for Educators and Young Readers

INK THINK TANK provides a great resource for educators wishing to connect with today’s best nonfiction books and authors. The site’s Nonfiction Minute, for example, is a free audio resource that daily inspires kids to appreciate and wonder about the world. Subscribe to it today!

Artists, Writers, Musicians, Film-Makers

So you think glass sculpture is for sissies? Check out the glass hand grenades, high-fashion glass shoes, and “life mask” faces from Carol Milne. We especially love her woven baskets.

Want to learn more about the illustrator of kid-favorite books such as Shep – Our Most Loyal Dog and B is for Big Sky Country – A Montana Alphabet? Check out the website of Joanna Yardley, Hm… maybe Joanna should illustrate a book for Bucking Horse Books? We’re going to look into that…

We love to support people with a vision for a positive future. That’s easy when those people are also wonderful musicians who love sharing music with children – The Whizpops and The Salamanders, for instance. Go buy tons of their CDs right now!

A writing site for writers! Harold Underdown has delivered with a wealth of information for those trying to learn and keep up with the children’s biz!

Want to learn more about the author of The World Famous Bucking Horse Sale and The Governor’s Dog is Missing – you know, just in case you missed it?

Have you wondered why Bucking Horse Books titles look so fabulous? The reason is Kathy Herlihy-Paoli at Inkstone Design. Besides beautifying our books, Inkstone has put out a fabulous series of playing cards. Check `em out and lay down your bids!

Need some great art? Wisdom from a thoughtful soul? Guidance on what the stars have in store for us? Check out Renaissance Woman Deborah O’Connor at Love Dog Design


You can’t go wrong with Montana Public Radio (! We children (and immature adults) in Western Montana are fortunate to be treated toThe Pea Green Boat with Annie Garde, while adults enjoy shows such as The Write Question.


Three of my favorite children’s book bloggers are Karen Yingling, Tessa McMillan, and Matthew Winner. Follow them at:

Need a quick way to keep up with the latest, best children’s books? Where else would you go but The Children’s and Teens’ Book Connection

Certainly one of the most attractive blogs I’ve seen, even the name “Beth Fish Reads” invites book lovers everywhere to explore!

Teens Read Too. I mean, duh! Of course they do. Nice for someone to notice!

We’ve been trying to get Through the Looking Glass for years, but didn’t succeed until we found this site of great children’s book reviews.

Café of Dreams is yet another outstanding blog site, tuned into by tons `o folks. Check out what April has to say!

Six Trait Gurus. “Featuring standards, traits, lesson ideas, and the BEST in current literature for young people.”

More Book Reviews

Need to find more great children’s book reviews? Check out this cool blog by Diane Kress Hower!

The Midwest Book Review.

Wildlife & Conservation

Need a GREAT idea for a birthday party or school visit in Western Montana? Animal Wonders is made up of great people taking great care of great rescue animals.

Kate Davis and Raptors of the Rockies is single-handedly responsible for raising the animal IQs of tens of thousands of people across Montana. Go, Kate, Go!